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“Mum really wants to stay at home but we’re at the point where I can’t support her without more help…

I’m the eldest of four children and for the last couple of years my husband Alex and I have been doing most of the work looking after my mum. We’ve managed up till now on our own but…” more 


What is Rally Round?

It’s an easy to use online tool that family and friends can use to support someone they care about. Everyone in a network can share and discuss jobs and volunteer to help out. Text and email notifications keep everyone in the loop.

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What users are saying about Rally Round


The Brookes family

“Mum really wants to stay at home but we’re at the point where I can’t support her without more help…” more 


“The diagnosis of MS scared me at first. I like to feel I’m in control of my life and I felt now I might not be…” more 
nina and emma

Nina and Emma

“Looking after a disabled child is hard especially with other kids. I really needed help from friends…” more 
frank and mary

Frank and Audrey

“I was worried that if I became ill I’d have to go into hospital and Audrey would have to go into a home…” more 

Rally Round is available free of charge in North Somerset. A number of organisations are supporting its use locally, including…

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“We’re excited by the potential Rally Round has for improving the lives of informal carers and vulnerable people.”

“We hope that people needing support will now find it easier to ask for help from trusted family members and friends.”

If you want help, just ask. You might be surprised!

For a lot of people, the idea of asking for help is daunting. We assume the person we ask will say no or that we are demanding too much. So we often don’t ask when we need help or wait till we are desperate. But are we right to be so worried?… more