Improvements to Rally Round

By June 12, 2019News, Technology

Deep breath. We’ve just released an update to Rally Round.

We now give you the option to have support tasks done by more than one person. To enable this feature select “Allow multiple people to do this” when setting up a new task. This should be really helpful for things like: “Play cards with Mary on Tuesday evening. Start 7pm”, or “Spend Saturday morning cleaning up John’s garden”.

Other changes include:

  • Noticeboard has been replaced by 2 new sections called Notes and Chats.
  • There is now an option available in Account details section for users to “share my email address and phone number with other members of this network”. By default this option is set to yes. Previously Rally Round always displayed email addresses to other members of a network as well as phone numbers if added.
  • Various small design and labelling changes have been made to improve usability. These include a new position for the “Suggest a Task’ button, improved layout and labelling of Task cards with better prompt messages, improved presentation of the contact details for other members of your network (when they select to share) and use of 3 cogs symbol to depict Settings.
  • We’ve updated all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Available when logged in.

Best wishes